When you are looking to open a woodworking shop and attain considerable success with your business, it is necessary that you invest in the right kind of woodworking machines and types of equipment

that can help you to come up with top notch products for your customers. One of the machines that you should immediately get as soon as you open your shop is the woodworking lathe, also known as a wood lathe. The wood lathe is a simple yet highly versatile machine that can help you to achieve seamless results for all your projects. Whether you are looking to create furniture items, doors, wooden decorative items or any other kind of product, you can certainly find top grade solutions when you have a wood lathe placed in your store.

There are mainly three different forms of wood lathe products that are available in the market, namely pen lathe, mini lathe and floor lathe. By getting in touch with a reputed dealer who can offer you wood lathe for sale, you can explore a number of different models and then take your pick.

So let’s have a closer look at these various types of wood lathe machines.

Pen Lathe:

Pen lathe machines are mostly used to manage the woodworking requirements of projects that involve very intricate and refined works. If you are keen on making small and precise works which are difficult to master using manual tools, you should definitely buy pen lathe machines. They are rather compact in their designs and occupy very little space. You can keep the pen lathe machine without compromising space in your shop. The pen lathe machines are often used to create different types of decorative wooden products.

Mini Lathe:

Mini lathe machines are typically used for creating different types of curved designs and spindles. Using this can help you to manage projects where different forms of curved pieces and items are needed to be made. The lathe machine helps to turn the wood and then bring it to shape. Just like the pen lathe, the mini lathe machine is also quite easy to use and store. You can benefit greatly by having a mini lathe machine at your disposal.

Floor Lathe:

The floor lathe machine is by far the largest variant of wood lathe that is designed and produced by woodworking machinery companies. These machines are typically placed on floors and can be used to work on the larger wood samples. They can offer versatile results for any kind of project and are preferred by most woodworking shops.

When you are looking to buy the wood lathe machines, it is important that you consider your specific needs and then make your purchasing decisions accordingly. You can buy any one of these machines and then get the other two as you go along, or get them all at the same time if you think that will help you to take up more projects. You may also want to buy second hand lathe machines as this can help you to manage your costs.