CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machines

Nihar Industries is one of India’s leading designers and manufacturers of top end CNC Wood Turning Lathe machines. These machines are aptly designed to aid in accurate engraving and easy operation. The optimum performance levels offered by these machines together with superior functioning and longer lifespan make them ideal for any kind of wooden furniture manufacturing project. Due to this reason, these CNC Wood Turning Lathe machines are extensively used in furniture stores, stone quarries and foam industries.

The machines feature thick-walled seamlessly welded steel lathe bed that is exposed to vibration aging for making it stress and vibration free. Dust-free sandblasting technology is used for its surface treatment which helps to eliminate internal stress rigidity. This makes the machines perfectly strong, durable and ideal for long-term use without any signs of deformation. The machines can be used extensively for wood turning as well as wooden cylinder engraving functions for creating stair railing and table legs, Wooden Handles suitable to Farming and Gardening Tools.

Description NR – 147
Working Job Size (Max.) Dia 300mm x 1500mm
Working Job Size (Min.) Dia 20mm x 200mm
Repositioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
X-Y Movement Taiwan Rack & Pinion Transmission
Z Movement German Rolling Ball screw
Working Voltage 3Ø / 380 V / 50 Hz
Motor Power 4KW (Variable Speed 0-3500 RPM)
Spindle Power 2.2 KW Air Cooled (0-18000 RPM)
Drive Motor Stepper
Command G Code (*.mmg, *.tap, *.plt)
Computer Interface USB
Controls NK 105
Collet Size 6mm, 8mm, 12mm
Computer Interface Turning / Cylindrical Surface Carving / Flat Surface Carving

*Specifications are subjected to change without notice.

  • Thick-walled seamless welded square steel lathe bed, after vibration aging to stress and dust-free sandblasting surface treatment technology, eliminating internal stress rigidity is strong durable, long-term use of deformation
  • NK105control system which with USB connection operated with the handle, convenient operation
  • Spindle Engine is Italy HSD air-cooling 4.5KW spindle with maximum speed with 18000rpm
  • Has the function of re-carving after break point and power failure and forecasting process time
  • Perfect oil-inject system makes maintenance much easier
  • Staircase column, Chairs Legs, Cylindrical, Conical Carving

Applications of CNC Wood Turning Lathe

The Wood Turning Lathe Machines designed and developed by Nihar Industries can pack a powerful performance for various types of engraving processes. For this reason, they are heavily preferred while carrying out wood turning works.

  • Wood Turning
  • Wood Milling
  • Cylindrical Carving