About Nihar Industries

Nihar Industries is synonymous with wood crafting machineries. We excel in manufacturing machineries required in wood Cutting, Polishing, Pressing, Fabrication and Engraving. Every machine or equipment needed in a wood factory is available with us. Global standards are maintained in our manufacturing process, while our human capital is superior in comparison to others in this same industry.

Trusted Suppliers

For a complete supply of wooden items manufacturing unit you need not look beyond Nihar Industries. We are the first to cater to your needs last to compromise on quality. We are confident of meeting your business demands at competitive prices. We are open to business enquiries and assure prompt attention once and always.


We are Professional

A strictly professional approach to our work, ensuring maximum satisfaction for customers.

We are Creative

Our creative team always endeavors to design the best products for our end users.

We are Diligent

Being meticulous and diligent, we always work hard to ensure maximum satisfaction for our customers.

We are Trusted

A trusted name in this field with many years of professional experience.

We are Visionary

Anticipate futuristic designs and implement them effectively in our products.

Certified Products

All of our products are certified to deliver the best performance.

10 Years Experince

We have got more than one decades of experience that helps use to design and develop top quality products.

Certified Company

As a certified company, we always design products that come with our distinct stamp of quality.

#1 Supplier in Region

We are the number one supplier of wood crafting machines in India & deliver you the finest quality products.

Best in the Market

Our products have been reviewed time and again as the best in the market.