One of the most needed tool in PVC FOIL FORMING is the vacuum press. PVC forming is a complicated process but the basics remain simple. And once you learn it, the rest becomes simple. You should be able to apply a PVC Foil without any trouble at all. Even non-wood workers should find it easy.

Material used for PVC Forming:

You begin with the PVC Foil that you need to apply to the surface of the wood. This is the PVC Foil and the surface to which the PVC foil is applied is called the substrate. This is the Flush Door, plywood and MDF in most cases.

The substance is the PU base or Water Based glue that helps develop the bond between the two surfaces. To helps press the glue properly, one uses spray Gun.

Vacuum press process working:

Set up the vacuum press. Apply the glue over door, Plywood or MDF Shutters with the help of spray Gun. Arrange Door, Ply or Shutter over Vacuum Press Trolley. Cover Trolley with PVC Foil and clamp it in such a way that there should not be a leakage from trolley. Push trolley inside the heating chamber and start Vacuum and Heating cycle as per product required. Pull back trolley after finishing process and you will get your required product. Unload all material and load new material for next cycle.