Sawdust collector should be one of the most important machineries to be installed in your workshop of woodworks. Breathing of the dust and bigger debris pose serious threats of health hazards to the people working and hanging around. Over a period of time, you reach a point of no return and it is too late to do anything about it. So, getting one for the workshop since the very beginning is the best preventive measure. In case, you are still wondering about the utility of a sawdust collector, here is everything you must know about it and impact of its absence.

  1. Different Sizes and Power: These machines come in different sizes and have power according to that. For a bigger workshop, mammoth dust collection ventilation system can be installed. They suck out the sawdust of the entire workshop but also dispose the debris and dust that you sweep manually with a wider broom. It is an essential gadget that keeps the air as well as the floor of your workshop clean. It is needless to mention that these bulky machines are expensive but if your work output is bigger as well, it is a must-have. However, if you are a DIY pro or your workshop is a place to pursue your hobby, you can do with a tabletop sawdust collector, custom-made for smaller workshops.
  2. Main Features: A good quality collector should be able to collect 90% of all kinds of dust coming to it. It should easy to install and simple to operate. It is compatible for upgrade and any kind of change like saw-blade etc. They come with user manuals and there are videos available on internet with tutorials on how to install and operate it.
  3. Regulations of OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration has strict regulations about installation and upgrading of sawdust collectors. For example, if you have a small workshop and you want to upgrade it to commercial level, along with hiring professionals, you have to upgrade your machineries too. And by the mandate of OSHA, sawdust collectors top the list because as an entrepreneur, health and safety of the employees while at work is entirely your responsibility. At the time, health insurance premium that you pay for your employees will be lower when you install an upgraded dust collector machine.
  4. Good Samaritan: Even as a small scale wood workshop owner, you must install a good sawdust collector. It is not just about your personal health, but for a better and healthy neighborhood as well. Dust from your workshop will go out in the air and contaminate the environment outside making it hazardous for the whole community. As a responsible citizen, you are expected to do your part for the society you are living in. using proper machines is just of them.

Even after installing this machine, you should cover your face with a mask to avoid inhalation of the debris, because health is wealth and we should never compromise on this aspect of life.