The hydraulic Cold Press machine has enormous use in the wood working industry. In this type of woodworking, the wood gets its shape by pressing. One can add veneers, Mica and Molded MDF Sheets to the surface of wood. This is a useful method of creating quality Doors.

Iron Table for Applying Pressure:

The Cold Press working table is made of iron. This makes sure that there is enough strength and minimum of distortion in the finished pieces. One can work with many kinds of material including plywood, Flush Doors, MDF Sheets etc. The cold press is used to apply equal pressure and re-apply pressure on loaded materials.
The Cold Press machines must be heavy duty one. Though they have all the desirable features, if they are light duty or not fabricated in engineering way they will not work. Buying them will put one out of the pocket. Better is to choose the model that does not do so.

Making Useful Furniture:

One of the main product lines in the wood cold pressing industries is the furniture line. You can make a variety of chairs, tables, sofas, tea buoys, tall buoys, and more. Any object that uses sheet material will qualify for wood working using cold pressing process. In this method, one can make decorative boards, block board, and plywood. One can add many layers to the wood to make 3-ply, 5-ply, and more.

When you choose the Cold Press machine model, you must take care to see that it is an efficient one. It must be capable of high speed working. Normally, good models will have an automatic cut off in the control circuit against high voltage and failure of any supply phase. This occurs automatically thus safeguarding the equipment and preventing control panel and drive motors. When you do not have such a cut off, the machine will have heavy damage in controlling circuit. This is a costly option and one does not want this to happen.

Make Different Boards:

Uses for the cold press are in the making of the following items:

  • Solid wood board: This finds use in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications such as windows and panel boards. They help to add luster to the interior so the buildings.
  • Wood working industry objects: You can fashion a variety of statues and figurines using the cold press machine. One can also make shaving board, veneer board, and density board using the cold press process.
  • Wooden door: This is one of the popular products made using the cold press machines. It is possible to give high quality finish to the doors and windows because of the high pressure.

It is desirable to have high-speed noiseless working of the cold press machine. The demand of the machine is high when they have unmatchable features such as extremely efficient working capability, rust proof body, and high durability. Further, they must have high pressure bearing capacity.