We use a CNC router for making assorted items used in the construction industry and within the domestic household such as wooden made Doors, frames and panels. We can also make Door carvings, interior and exterior decorations, furniture, and musical instruments.

Operation of the CNC router:

The Computer Numerical Control Router is a cutting machine controlled by the computer or specially developed controllers. The CNC Router is a hand-held device that one uses to cut and fashion material such as Wood, MDF, HDF, Corean (Solid Surfaces), PVC, aluminum, plastics, composites, foams, Acrylic. They can do the work of many carpentry shop machines such as the spindle moulder, the boring machine, and the panel saw. In addition, the CNC router helps in thermoforming plastic because it automates the process of trimming.

In function, it resembles the milling machine but the essential difference that instead of milling by hand, the operation is done by the computer. It differs from a jig router in that you can use it for a find as efficiently as for reiterating identical production. The CNC router tables help one to achieve high precision along with automation. Using the router helps improve the quality and consistency of the work. You can reduce the frequency of errors and waste, and improve the speed of delivery to the market of the finished product.

Coupling the computer:

The CNC machine can understand a type of code known as the G-code. Using CAM software, the CAD design and drawing is converted into the g-code. Thus, operations are not complicated since all the demanding work is done by the machine itself. The tool is controlled by the computer or Controller and it becomes difficult to understand only when one stops to think about how the whole thing works.

Difference in size

The CNC router is available in sizes that one can operate on the desktop in the house to the very huge model that is in use on the factory floor. These huge models are used in boat making industry, in the aircraft manufacturing sector, pattern Making Industries and cabinet making among other places. Though this kind of application is immense, the number of parts in the machine is basically the same. It has a dedicated CNC controller, servo motors, and one or more spindle motors. Other than this it has servo Drive, Stepper Drive, linear guides, ball screws, and AC inverter frequency drives. You also need a place to work, that is the workspace bed or table. In addition, you may need vacuum pumps to hold that you use with grid table tops to hold the piece in place for cutting. This way the CNC routers are available in 3-axis or 5-axis CNC models.

Once you have uploaded the coordinates to the computer, it will control the operation completely. Most of the owners of the CNC Routers will use two kinds of software. One is the software that converts the design into the g-code, as explained above. The other is the software used to make modern designs for the CNC operations. Normally, one does work on different materials.