If you are a woodworking professional or hobbyist, here is some exciting news for you. The 10th International Trade Fair will take place here from 8 to 12 March 2018. You get to see a whole load of woodworking machinery, accessories, and technologies on display that the participants will unveil here. Called INDIAWOOD 2018, this exhibition will have participants from all over the world.

People associated with the industry are eager to participate in INDIAWOOD 2018. It is expected that the woodworking industry will benefit from the event. It is not just any event. It is stage where one unveils the latest from the industry insiders. It is here that you will get to see Furniture Production Technologies, Raw Materials, and Products alongside participation of 50,000 or more woodworking professionals.

The number of exhibitors at India Wood 2018 is expected to be more than 800 and they will showcase a range of tools, fittings, and woodworking machinery used in crafting the most crucial products. You will have two categories here on display. One is the machinery part while the other is the non-machinery part. This is to segregate the visitors interested in the machines and the other part that is more interested in the wood products.

Visitors and exhibitors will arrive here from all over the world to take part or see the exhibition. They have built 12 country pavilions on the 50,000 square meters of exhibition space. It must be noted that exhibitors have grown from over 700 in 2016 when 30 countries participated. This time they expect 40 countries to take part. INDIAWOOD is a tradition that continues to grow and provide a sourcing platform for furniture manufacturers and wood-based handicraft manufacturers.

Launching platform for woodworkers:

The show has become famous for its live product launches, lively seminars with product demonstrations, and sourcing forums. Many interior designers and architects use this platform to link up with the prospective clients and builders who come there. The exhibition will change the lives of the woodworkers and woodworking industry in the region and in India.

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