Wood is a versatile material, used for making a variety of things such as furniture, formwork, beams, and columns for construction, doors, and windows. You can choose from many types of wood such as birch, cherry, mahogany, oak, and poplar among so many others. Or, you could choose from hardwood you use to make window fittings, wooden panels, door frames, cupboards, and desks.

These are the materials that the woodworker loves and this is what he uses to make his cabinets and furniture. The IndiaWood 2018 is one of the biggest trade fairs in the world attracting more than 825 exhibitors from more than 40 countries. The fair will take place in Bangalore from 8-12 March 2018 at Tumkur road. This exhibition is in its tenth edition and takes place every two years.

Huge opportunity for the woodworking industry

The INDIAWOOD 2018 spans about 50,000 square meters attract buyers and woodworking enthusiasts. In the 2016 edition, we had 50,605 visitors. The exhibitors showcase their craft, smart manufacturing trends, material, fittings, tools, along with technological innovations and equipment. INDIAWOOD continues to be one of the leading platforms for saw millers, carpenters, craftsmen, interior designers, to showcase their skills and augment their reach in the woodworking industry.

The show is famous for its live demonstrations and product launches. You can take part in the seminars and live discussions to broaden your knowledge and develop contacts in the woodworking industry. The increased business possibilities make this a center for creating opportunities for those in the industry. So, if you have any aspirations in the woodworking field, you can also take part in the 10th INDIAWOOD International Trade Fair for Furniture Production Technologies and benefit.

The choice of the wood determines the kind and quality of goods that the craftsman will produce. Yet, over the years the change in technology has augmented the manufacturing techniques and brought about a change in the choice of wood. For instance, the wood laminate machine has improved the quality of the material one uses for making furniture and door panels.

High utility of laminates:

Laminates are many in variety. The most popular ones are the laminate sheets, paper laminates, kitchen laminates, wood laminates, and decorative laminates. We make them by pressing thin sheets together under high pressure so that we get a solid block of workable wood. You can superimpose a colorful design on the top surface to give the wood a nice appearance.

Post-forming variety in laminates:

The post-forming laminate is a type of wood laminate used for kitchen counters, machine bottoms, side tables, and much more. It has a capacity to keep its shape and exhibit a clean exterior. When making the post-forming laminate, we heat the laminate so that the resins become softer. The technical specifications of one melamine resin soaked decorative paper for craft layers used occurred at temperatures of 300 degrees Fahrenheit under 750 psi pressure.
The most common use of these post forming laminates is to wrap the countertops made or prefabricated laminate because they do not show any edges or lines where the sheets meet. You can also wrap columns, bat tops, and slot machine bases.