Wooden furniture is so beautiful and elegant to look at but have you ever imagined the level of craftsmanship put at it? Skill of both the machine and its operator is the key factor of perfect wood-made furniture. There are different types of wood cutting machines and each working on different mechanism.

Let us discuss 7 different wood cutting machines that have made a different in this industry.

  • Handsaw: This is the most basic wood cutting machine and according to many, the most reliable one. It can work even on the minutest wood piece.
  • Single-Bit Axes: This is the most basic type of machine which has an axe blade weighing 3-5 lb on a wooden handle which is 30 to 36 inches. It is common tool for splitting and felling the woods.
  • Double bit Axes: This is probably the most efficient tool of forestry. They can be of two varieties- with two identical blades where other to be used when one side becomes dull and another with two different kinds of blades to be used according to the purpose. The measurement of both single and double bit axes is one and same.
  • Hydraulic Log Splitters: This is a sophisticated mechanical wood cutting machine which is favored by one and all because of its features that the manual tools cannot possess. Their efficiency lies in the fact that they serve multiple purpose of shaping and cutting of woods.
  • Jig Saw: More than cutting, this machine is used for designing of the wooden pieces mainly for artistic patterns. Whether you need an arbitrary cut or some irregular shape, jig saw does it with utmost perfection with minimum or no wastage.
  • Chisel Mortiser: This is one of the fundamental tool or machine used in any workshop. It’s main function is to drill holes on wooden surfaces but it is also used in cutting out rectangular and square slots in a larger lumber to get tenon joints according to the requirement.
  • Rotary Saw: Also known as circular saw is power operated tool; it cuts the wooden piece with the help of a toothed blade or disc. It is called rotary saw because of the rotary motion in which it spins. It can be both hand-held and fixed to a table.

These are the primarily used woodcutting machines. The efficiency of a wood cutting machine is determined by few factors. The manual tools are slow though there can be chapters dedicated to their efficiency. However, mechanized power tools are faster and are used for domestic as well as industrial purposes, according to their power. These mechanized tools have an average cutting speed of 20 to 60 m/sec which can often jump to 100m/sec too. The rotation speed of these machines is 3000-6000 rpm.

Using tools is determined by the purpose. For example, if you want cut oak, you should use splitting maul which gives a cleaner output. There is another tool called thickness planer which is used in finishing the flat piece of wood. These are the most popular wood cutting machines used in the workshops.