Panel drilling machines are used primarily for the purpose of industrial work such as furniture making and various other types of work with wood. As far as wood processing is concerned these machines are normally used in the second stage whereby they are called into action in order to create slots or holes in solid timber slabs. At times, they are also used in order to make a bunch of holes within cupboards and wardrobes.

Who use panel drilling machines?

These machines normally come in really handy in instances where you need to drill either solid wood or panels of the same in a precise manner.

This is the reason why this implement is so highly regarded in the furniture industry where you need to create holes within various items such as wardrobes and their shelves.

The different kinds of panel drilling machines:

These machines can be divided into four major types – mortising machines, drilling machines, multi boring machines, and Louvre groovers for shutters and the like. In most cases you would find that the companies these days have the widest range of mortising machines. They are needed to make holes in woods and come in various sizes. There are some smaller machines in this case that have been created with the specific intention of catering to the needs of the small carpenters and wood businesses.

Then there are the mortising machines as well, which are big enough and capable of dealing with the requirements of the biggest factories that might need them. They are available in a wide range of configurations such as moving head and fixed bench, fixed head and mobile bench, moveable head mobile bench, and fixed head and fixed bench. The best thing about these machines is that they can be customized. In certain cases, if the clients request the makers could also include some special parts such as rotary tables that can move 45 degrees on left and on right.

These rotary tables can come in really handy when you are trying to make stairs. Drilling machines are fairly similar to numerical controlled boring machines. These machines have the capability to create slotted holes and they are capable of working on any and every kind of milling. This is especially true for furniture items such as wardrobes and doors. They are normally operated through control panels and this is the reason why they happen to be so exceedingly precise.

The thing with multi boring machines is that they are capable of creating batteries of many holes at the same time. They can work quite easily on furniture such as wardrobes. This also means that you need to spend less time on each piece and this is how you save time, such a valuable commodity, with these machines. They can create batteries of classic holes as well. The last name on this list is the Louvre groovers for shutters. The main purpose of this machine is to create inclined slotted holes on Louvre shutter slats. It can also create non inclined holes on cross slats as well.