For the longest time, wood has been regarded as one of the most versatile materials that can be used for creating a wide range of items like furniture items, columns and beams for construction, formwork, windows and doors. The unique thing about using wood for different types of projects is that it is available in a wide range of great options such as mahogany, oak, birch, poplar and cherry. There are also plenty of hardwood options as well that can be used for making wooden panels, window fittings, desks, cupboards and door frames. Professional woodworkers strongly recommend working with wood as it offers them numerous advantages over other materials like metal and plastic.

The woodworking industry has really grown from strength to strength over the years and it is due to numerous trade fairs and events that have supported its cause. The recently concluded IndiaWood 2018 is one of the most important trade fairs which are known to open up plenty of great business opportunities for various companies associated with the woodworking industry. The IndiaWood 2018 event was attended by more than 825 companies and exhibitors coming from more than forty countries. The event occurred from 8th March to 12th March 2018 in Bangalore at Tumkur Road. The exhibition is held for the 10th edition this year and is organized in every two years.

The recently concluded INDIAWOOD 2018 spanned a huge area of around 50,000 square meters and attracted numerous woodworking companies, buyers and enthusiasts from all parts of the globe. It offered an excellent platform for companies to showcase their smart manufacturing trends, crafts, materials, tools and fittings along with highly advanced technological equipments and innovations that are relevant to the industry. INDIAWOOD has over the years become one of the most well known platforms for carpenters, saw millers, interior designers and craftsmen for showcasing their products and skills as well as boost enhance their positions in a booming market.

Like the previous years, the event this year stood out for the numerous product launches and live demonstrations that really increased the potential for the woodworking industry. Among the many companies that stood out for their contribution to the woodworking industry, Nihar Industries deserves special mention due to the numerous client relationships that it forged with buyers both in Indian and abroad. Nihar Industries is a highly reputable manufacturer of different kinds of woodworking machineries such as Vacuum Press, CNC Router, Cold Press, Hot Press, Panel Saw, Panel Processing Machineries. The products that have been designed and developed by Nihar Industries have been well received by clients in various parts of the world.

Known for offering state of the art products that increase the efficiency and precision of woodworking projects, Nihar Industries has already established itself as the front runner of woodworking industry. The company has finished this year’s INDIAWOOD 2018 trade fair successfully by forging some great client relationships and has made considerable number of product sales. This is certainly going to enhance the future of the company in terms of strategic and financial development.