Nihar Industries is going to take part in the upcoming major event of INDIAWOOD, a gathering of companies involved in the woodworking industry. INDIAWOOD is truly one of the leading exhibitions in the world for furniture manufacturing and woodworking industry. The woodworking and furniture industry in India has grown from strength to strength over the last two decades and in this time the country has progressed into hosting the biggest event showcasing woodworking businesses from all over the globe. The event presents its audience with a comprehensive and detailed overview of the currently prevailing technological innovations as well as the latest trends in the sphere of furniture manufacturing, tools, fittings, woodworking technologies, raw materials and accessories. The event of INDIAWOOD is held in every two years and the upcoming event is going to be organized at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre from the 8th to 12th March 2018. This event is going to be the 10th edition of INDIAWOOD.

Ever since the INDIAWOOD event was held for the first time, it has helped countless companies operating in the woodworking and carpentry industry to boost their prospects. The team at Nihar Industries strongly believes that the upcoming event is also going to do the same for them. The 9th edition of INDIAWOOD that was held in 2016 saw 703 exhibitors coming from 30 participating countries. This was a growth of about 22% from the event’s 2014 edition. The event was also attended by 50,808 visitors from 53 countries and 823 cities, which was a whopping 55% increase from its previous edition. Prospective buyers from all over the world came to obtain a thorough overview of the woodworking market as well as the technologies in all their dimensions. This also created business possibilities worth of millions in just a span of a few days.

The INDIAWOOD 2018 event will be held on a show floor that expands to more than approximately 50,000 square meters. It will be attended by more than 850 dedicated exhibitors coming from 40 countries. These exhibitors will showcase the various latest machines, equipments, technological innovations, smart manufacturing trends and also tools, fittings and materials to the approximately projected 60,000 attendees who will come from all parts of the globe. Numerous product launches and live demonstrations will be held during the show as well that will help to spark the interest of the attendees. INDIAWOOD is also the largest global platform for sourcing for the wood based handicraft manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, carpenters, saw millers, craftsmen, interior designers and architects in the region.

Over last twenty years, PDA Trade Fairs & Eumabois have worked in partnership with the exhibitors and visitors to trigger the growth of Indian woodworking domain. Eumabois represents more than 800 European designers and manufacturers of woodworking machines and accessories. This accounts for more than 70% of global production of carpentry and woodworking machinery. The upcoming INDIAWOOD event which will be held from 8th to 12th March 2018 will serve as a successful, efficient and effective marketing tool for generating two years of great business prospects within a span of 5 days.