Wide Belt Sander Machines

Nihar Industries offers single head and double head Wide Belt Sander Machines that can be used for Calibrate and Sanding of Plywood, Flush door Particle Board and wooden boards. The machines come with additional power facilities that offer seamless performance while they are being used for intensive projects. The machines come with speeds of 24 m/sec and 18 m/sec for first belt and second belt respectively.

The best thing about these machines is that they offer enhanced customization scope for users which makes it all the more possible to boost production rates. The cuts that can be performed with these belt sanding machines are quite even and smooth which makes them perfect for different types of projects. The working thickness for these machines ranges between 2.5 mm to 150 mm which offers much greater flexibility to work with different thickness levels.

Description Double Head Single Head
Contact Roller Diameter 240mm
Calibrating Roller Diameter 210mm (Single Layer) 210mm (Two Layer)
Working Width 40mm – 1300mm 40mm – 1300mm
Working Thickness 2.5mm to 150mm 2.5mm to 150mm
Feeding Speed 0-19 m/min 0-19 m/min
First Belt Speed 24 m/sec
Second Belt Speed 18m/sec 18m/sec
Belt Size 1330 x 2200mm 1330 x 2200mm
Total Power 52.75KW 22.75Kw
Calibrating Belt Motor Power 30Kw
Sanding Belt Motor power 18.75Kw 18.75Kw
Feeding Motor Power 3KW 3KW
Up / Down Motor Power 0.75Kw 0.75Kw
Brush Motor 0.25Kw 0.25Kw

*Specifications are subjected to change without notice.

Applications of Wide Belt Sanding Machines

The Wide Belt Sander Machines created by Nihar Industries are some of the best in the industry as they are capable of offering substantial output every time. They are also suitable for projects that come with major customization requirements.

  • Wood Sanding
  • Ply Sanding
  • Wood Calibration
  • Ply Calibration