Manual Edge Bander Machines

Nihar Industries is one of the leading producers of manual edge banding machines in India. These machines help in the production of thin laminates that come with perfectly matching surface tops which can be used for sealing edges. This helps to get rid of seams of substrates as well as provide with dimensional stability. The Woodworking Manual Edge Bander machines offered by Nihar Industries offer additional protection against problems related to moisture and humidity.

The imported designs and use of primary pigments also guarantee higher color fastness each and every time. Each of the edge bander machines offered by Nihar Industries comes with a range of user friendly features that allow in easier customization of their functioning. This naturally makes it convenient for the users to obtain highly accurate and superior quality performance for their projects.

Description Unit NR – 151
Table Size mm 1200 x 920
Work piece Thickness mm 10 – 60
Band Thickness mm 0.5-3
Glue Pot Capacity Kg Approx 3
Heating Power Kw 3
Motor Power HP 1
Feeding Speed m/min 5-10
Band Cutting Control Foot Switch / Limit Switch
Air Pressure Required Kg/ Cm2 5-7
Band Coil Diameter mm 525

*Specifications are subjected to change without notice.

Applications of Woodworking Edge Banding Machines

The Edge Bander Machines offered by Nihar Industries can help to create perfectly thin laminates with smooth finish. The best part of using these machines is that they are packed with a wide range of effective features that help to customize their functioning.

  • Edge Banding Tape Pasting