Auto Edge Bander Machine

Nihar Industries is a reputed designer and developer of Auto Edge Bander machines in India. These machines are perfect for projects that have high production requirements under limited time schedules. The thin laminates that can be produced with these machines come with a flawless finish which makes them suitable for sealing edges. They can also cut off humidity and offer robust dimensional stability. Moreover, the machines also guarantee superior results while working with color pigments.

Designed to offer excellent performance with low maintenance, these machines can deliver precise results each and every time, thus enhancing the value of every project for which they are used. The auto edge bander machines created by Nihar Industries also comes with the added advantage of low electricity consumption which naturally reduces the production costs to a great degree. They also come with longer life span which means that investing in them can be quite cost effective at the end.

Description Unit NR – 156
Panel Thickness range mm 10-60
Min. Width of Panel mm >80
Min Length of Panel mm >120
Edge Banding Tape Thickness mm 0.4-3mm
Edge Banding Tape Width mm 12-62
Panel Feeding Speed m/min 12-20
Air Pressure Required Kg 6
End Cutting Motor 2 x 0.37KW x 12000RPM, 200Hz
Fine Trimming Motor 2 x 0.75KW x 18000RPM, 200Hz
Buffing Motor 2 x 0.37KW x 1400RPM, 50Hz
Glue Tank Heating Power KW 3.71
Panel Feeding Motor Power KW 2.2
Total Power Required KW 8.89
Dimension mm 4500 x 1100 x 1600

*Specifications are subjected to change without notice.

Applications of Auto Edge Bander Machine

With the help of the Auto Edge Bander Machines developed by Nihar Industries, it is possible to deliver products with seamless finish each and every time. It is due to this reason that these machines are rated highly by industry experts.