The Altendorf WA 8 X Machine

Truly the number one when it comes to ergonomics and ease of operation: The eye-level control panel that comes with the Altendorf WA 8 X machines can be easily pivoted and customized to the position that is most convenient for the operator. It is also equipped with a motorized rip fence.

Equipment for The WA 8 X
Manual rise/fall and tilt adjustment of the main saw blade
Eye-level operating panel
Sliding table length 2000mm, 2600mm, 3000mm or 3200mm
Rip fence with motorised adjustment, cutting width 1300mm
Crosscut fence, crosscuts to 3200mm
Motor rating 5.5kW (7.5HP), with three speeds 3/4/5000rpm, manually adjusted
Cutting height max. 125mm

*Specifications are subjected to change without notice.

The Altendorf WA 8 X Standard Equipment

Eye level operating panel

All the major control functions remain always visible. The control panel pivots easily into most convenient positions and can be accessed easily from both sides. Both the rip fence and the saw blade comes with motorized adjustment.

Large Extraction Hood

The large extraction and the safety hood system coming with these Altendorf machines are designed to ensure optimized airflow. It is also possible to switch between the narrow and the wide hoods in a matter of seconds. The hood offers cutting heights with or without the scoring unit that can go as high up as 125 mm. It can also be fully swung away to one side.

Motorized Rip Fence

The motorized rip fence comes with 250 mm/sec traverse speed and accuracy of about +/− 1/10 mm. These machines come with high precision five point recirculating ball spindle system which requires little maintenance. The ball spindle system and the motor are well protected due to its effective integration into aluminum profile. The motorized rip fence recognizes automatically the position it is in, particularly when it approximates the danger areas around saw blade. The rip fence also has a cut-out for emergency situations to prevent risk of crushing.

Crosscut Fence

The crosscut fence is robustly mounted and enables extremely precise cutting results of 90° angles. All the settings are very easy to read from the slanted scales. Flip stops are quite robust and wholly free of play. They can also be easily slid individually along full crosscutting range.