It was in England that woodwork machines were created – this happened during the later part of the 18th century. After that a number of improvements to these machines were made in North America and most of these newer machines were developed by units that belonged to the furniture manufacturing industry. These machines were used later on to make carts and weapons as well. With the passage of time various kinds of machines came into being for making instruments such as wheels, yokes, and axles.

Types of Woodwork Machines:

There are various kinds of wood machines out there. Woodworking is one of the most practiced professions all around the world. In fact, it also happens to be the hobby of so many people around the world as well. These days, most of the wood workers out there are able to choose from a vast array of tools in order to do their work. Most of these tools function on almost the same principle, whereby a blade is included in order to remove pieces of timber. They also include a spinning knife that is used to cut the timber into at least two pieces. Some such tools may be mentioned as below:

  • Shapers
  • Jointers
  • Band saws
  • Routers
  • Planers
  • Table saws

Saws & Drills:

Saws and drills can be described as power tools that workers use in order to make different items with wood as the raw material. It is based on the kind of project that various types of saws and drills are used. The big table saws are normally used in order to cut down large pieces of timber. Similarly, the smaller handheld jigsaws are used in order to work on the smaller projects.

The large table saws may be rapid but they are quite safe as well. They are capable of neatly cutting those big pieces. The wood workers normally use handheld sabre and circular saws for domestic as well as woodworking industrial purposes. As far as woodworking machines are concerned these are quite handy tools indeed.


Routers are also pretty handy woodwork machines. They are basically power tools that are used primarily in order to cut different detailed patterns, circles, and designs in a piece of timber. Since they have a system of enclosed blades they are much easier to operate as opposed to saws. They are a lot safer as well.


Chisels are among the most integral among woodworking machines out there. They are found in different sizes as well as varieties, and are used for many kinds of purposes. They are normally used alongwith hammers in order to cut timber or carve the same. They need to be sharpened on a periodic basis so that they stay crisp and sharp.

Planers & Shapers:

Planers are normally used in order to flatten out the tops of wooden boards. This is done as per a precise amount of thickness. They are available in a variety of ranges and this includes portable models as well. Shapers are used primarily in order to cut profiles into pieces of timber.