The DELHIWOOD Exhibition is an International Trade Fair held in India that focuses on the recent technologies used in manufacturing furniture. It will focus on machines, accessories, paraphernalia required for woodworking along with the raw materials, fixtures and other associated stuff. This exhibition has played a critical role in the growth and expansion of the woodworking industry as a whole and has made it possible for business firms associated with this sector to develop rewarding partnerships with others for the long term. It is therefore no wonder that the upcoming DELHIWOOD Exhibition has already garnered a lot of attention in the media as a whole.

DELHIWOOD 2019 is going to be organized between the dates of 13th and 16th March 2019 in the Greater Noida area. The India Expo Centre & Mart has been chosen as the venue for this special event. More than 450 notable brands and exhibitors from over thirty different countries are going to attend this exhibition. They are going to showcase different types of modern and cutting-edge technologies, tools, woodworking machineries, accessories, fittings, raw materials and additional products that can be used for wood-based manufacturing and furniture production. The whole exhibition will be held in a large space of 30,000 square meters which will provide plenty of room for them all.

The event of DELHIWOOD 2019 is going to focus on modern automated solutions within the sphere of furniture along with production technologies for wood-based finished goods. These companies are going to open up new opportunities and prospects of business to the projected mark of about US$ 35 billion within the year 2020 for the wooden furniture and products sector in India. Additionally, DELHIWOOD 2019 is also going to host the International Timber Forum with an aim to bring the furniture manufacturers, architects, builders, civil engineers, interior designers as well as construction project consultants so that they can connect with the international timber suppliers and try to understand the various types of timber that are suitable for India. This is also applicable for engineered wood samples. The forum is also going to explore the properties and availability of the latest prototypes of engineered wood.

Previously, the fifth edition of DELHIWOOD was held between 1st and 4th March 2017 at the India Expo Centre and Mart of the Greater Noida region. Like the other festivals, it also saw the participation of about 497 exhibitors who came from 30 countries across the globe. Together they contributed to the expansion of the woodworking industry in India and helped to create a powerful market platform which was attended by more than 25000 visitors. Likewise, the 2019 edition of DELHIWOOD that is to be held in just a month’s time from now is also expected to see a major footfall from both industry insiders and customers. This is going to further enhance the cause of woodworking Industries in India. Currently the final preparations for the event are being carried out so as to ensure its optimum success. The expected attendance for this event is around 30000 including the woodworking business owners and other visitors.