About Altendorf

When it comes to having a machine that is robust, easy t operate and can be used for anything, Altendorf WA 8 makes the right choice. Whether you are looking to cut complex mitres and angles or square panels, the Altendorf WA 8 is truly the best thing that you can have. The WA 8 stands out for its excellent build quality as well as ergonomic flexibility and is manufactured to meet the rigorous technological standards of Altendorf. Once you get your hands on an Altendorf WA 8 machine, you will wonder how you ever worked without one. With the highest level of quality offered by a world market leader, you can enhance the quality of your processes.

Altendorf is the world’s leading producer of sliding table saws. Based in Minden, Germany, the company produces Altendorf WA 8 machines in their state of the art manufacturing facility located in Qinhuangdao, PR China. All machines are produced only under strictest quality control measures.

Full performance to last detail

Machine Frame

The WA 8 is built on a torsion-resistant machine frame that is structured the same way like machine frames for F 45 series. These frame designs ensure stability and smooth running. The machine frame of these systems is also fully enclosed.

Saw Unit

The Altendorf saw unit truly represents the core of engineering of all our saw products. The saw unit is a major powerhouse that is produced with the help of the latest manufacturing technology. Our saw shaft runs amazingly smoothly.

Sliding Table

It is truly the hallmark of Altendorf which ultimately comes down to the design: the sliding table runs on precisely placed large dumb bell rollers that are sandwiched between the hard chromed guide bars, thereby guaranteeing absolute accuracy.

Sliding Table's Principle

when development of aluminum sliding table was achieved, the double roller carriage system has been the best option due to its smooth running, high precision, low maintenance and torsion-resistance. More than 130 000 users.

Made to Measure Performance: The options

Scoring Unit with Motorized Adjustment

The scorer effectively prevents chipping out of the underside of the laminated panels. While the lateral adjustment is manual, the rise and fall function is motorized. As the scoring blade gets switched on, scorer effectively moves to height stored. The scorer gets back in its position under the table when either the scoring blade or the main is switched off.

Large extraction hood

The large Altendorf extraction and safety hood system comes with a design that ensures optimized airflow. It also allows users to switch between the narrow and the wide hoods in a matter of seconds. Its hood allows achieving cutting heights with or without the scoring unit that go as high as 125 mm and can also be fully swung away to one side. The hood only comes as an option with WA 8 NT, WA 8 TE and WA 8 T machines.

Small extraction hood

The riving knife mounted extraction and protection hood allows working with maximum saw blade diameter of 350 mm along with 100 mm of maximum cutting height. The hood comes as an option with WA 8 NT, WA 8 TE and WA 8 T machines. It can also be obtained without the extraction hose for the WA 8 TE systems.

Crosscut fence DIGIT L

This is meant for achieving 1/10 mm accuracy while setting length dimension. Display exhibits all the stop settings simultaneously and all calibration of all the stop in a single operation.

RAPIDO scoring tool

The RAPIDO scoring system actually makes it a lot quicker and easier to adjust cutting width for matching that of main blade. It can achieve this goal in only mere three minutes. Compared to operating with shims where it is necessary to take off the blade from the machine for altering its width, the RAPIDO can save at least 10 minutes for users, as the blade remains attached to the machine during the adjustment.

DUPLEX double-sided mitre fence

DUPLEX fence allows to cut angles between 0° and 90° with high precision and promptness. At an angle of 45°, it is possible to cut the mitre on both the sides of a work piece without needing to adjust a fence. Its dimensions are set with the help of a magnifying glass, a length compensation scale and measuring scale.

Manual quick-action clamp

The manual clamp offers great flexibility which allows users to easily position it on sliding table. It is also quite easy to fix. The work piece can be secured and held firmly on the table against crosscut fence, which provides with extra safety at only little extra cost.

One-sided mitre fence

With the help of one-sided mitre fence it is possible to attain high precision cutting of mitres. It can be set easily and positioned properly on sliding table with least effort.


DIGIT X is a digital cutting width display created for rip fence and comes with effective manual fine adjustment. The electronic measuring system offers rapid and precise adjustments of rip fence. With DIGIT X one can also get repeat accuracy. This means that it is possible to move the fence and then get it back to the exact same position. This system is perfectly immune to dust and wear.


The PALIN fence can be used for cutting long narrow work pieces into conical shape or parallel with high level of accuracy. As the fence is flush with sliding table kept in vertical plane along with the work piece placed sideways, there is absolutely no reduction in the cutting length. Work pieces of different lengths can be conveniently cut without actually moving the fence along the sliding table.

STEG – second support on sliding table

Enlarges the support area (width: 400 mm) for wider work pieces. With STEG it becomes much easier to effectively size large panels.

Rip fence with fine adjustment

The benefit of manual fine adjustment actually facilitates precise adjustment of the rip fence. The fence can also be set with highly pinpoint precision with the help of the adjusting screw.

High performance cuts for any material

Whether it is plastic, wood or non-ferrous metals, the Altendorf WA 8 can be used for all kinds of materials. The WA 8 offers high precision and perfect cutting results with wood and other wood-based products as well as many other materials. The WA 8 is precise and efficient whether you need to cut large panels of Plexiglas or polyethylene or very thick plastics. WA 8 also allows users to cut through non-ferrous metals like aluminum extrusions with high accuracy. This is of course achievable along with typical applications like sizing panels, mitre cuts and squaring as well as rip cutting and straight line edging of solid wood. All of these can be easily achieved with most economic viability with the help of WA 8.